João Baptista Leite 



João Baptista Leite has over 30 years of experience in managing the day-to- day areas of Systems and Technologies as well as Operations in large organizations. Born and raised in Angola, lived for 17 years in Canada, where he completed his higher education (Control Data Institute and York University) and began his career, having been Director of Systems Development in the Insurance business (Winterthur Group). 

Later, already in Portugal, lead several large-scale projects as a Senior Manager of the prestigious multinational Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and then assumed the position of Director of Information Technology for the Group Mundial-Confiança, that among other companies included Banco Pinto & Sotto Mayor , Banco Totta & Açores , Credito Predial Português , the Chemical Bank and one Insurance Company. Subsequently, in the year 2000, joined the Portuguese Group Banco Comercial Portugês (Millennium) as Director in the Technology area. In 2003 assumed the functions of the Chief Information Officer at Santander Totta Group, appointed Board Member of SIPROD - Information Systems and Production, ACE , until 2008 , and Executive Board Member of ISBAN PT - Software Engineering Banking until 2010; since 2009 as an Executive Board Member of Banco Santander Totta was responsible for coordinating the areas of Technology and Processes , Operations , Technology and Operational Risk and Cybersecurity. 

Until 2019 was also a non-Executive board member of: UNICRE,SA – Specialized Credit and acquiring company, and: SIBS – Forward Payment Solutions(the national processor). Currently is the Chairman and CEO of UNICRE, SA. 

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry?

Disruption happening with the introduction of fintech and especially bigtechs has changed the landscape. Banks and financial institutions are running behind because its legacy structure takes a long time to understand the new consumers and new technologies but I believe that they will be able to recuperate and continue to compete in this market. Seamless use of payment methods will be the real trick. 

How do you envision the role of banking and processing companies in 5 years?

They wiil continue to be part of the ecosystem but will have to reinvent their portfolio of products and customers to create value added services that customers are prepared to pay for... 

What are the payment features that you use yourself on a day to day basis (for example, contactless, Apple Pay, p2p transfers etc)? 

All, except Apple pay.