Houssam Khatib

Managing Director and CEO

My career in payments started in 1994 in Saudi Arabia when I witnessed the first card factory in the Middle East, namely Jeraisy Cardtec. In 1998 I was approached by Jeraisy to represent them and promote their cards in Lebanon. Soon after succeeding in penetrating two of the leading Lebanese banks, I decided to establish Infotec - my own company that would focus 100% on the card business. The first bank who put their trust in us was Fransabank, one of top-4 banks in Lebanon.

I was never afraid to explore business opportunities in other countries such as Syria, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and Oman. Over the past 15 years we have almost 99% customer retention.

What you see as key trends in your business

Despite the introduction of new ways of payments such as mobile NFC, wearable gadgets, online payments etc., the card still prevails and still holds the highest security perception at a cardholder’s level. We currently see evolution towards Combi Cards, whereby one card can hold multiple brands and profiles. Now there are good initiatives in the Middle East and Africa and I think yes, this is a niche which will be growing to bring lucrative business.

What inspires you in the payment industry

The industry is growing and it’s not limited by the borders of my small country. I am inspired to be a “network person” able to connect East and West.

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