Houssam Khatib



Founder and CEO of Infotec Systems Group, Openway Partners in the Levant since 2005, Houssam Khatib broke into the payment industry through the sales of payment cards and become a trusted figure in the Middle East providing solutions for issuers and acquirers. He managed to build strong partnerships over the past 16 years with technology companies such as Openway, KONA I, NBS Technologies, UL, Matica Technologies and Evolis.


“What inspires me in the payment industry?”

The payment industry is gliding like a fast train with minor stop overs to onboard new technologies and new players. It is ever evolving touching people every day around the globe or shall we say contactless, frictionless and seamless!!! It’s addictive, “you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”