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As a fuel retailer, you want to provide individual and corporate drivers with a smooth experience at your gas stations. But if your fleet card system or service provider lacks agility and is behind the times, it may determine how and when you roll out new services. How can you make sure that your current fuel payment system still meets customer expectations?

Your system probably fits the needs of your business now and for a couple of years into the future. But will this still be the case in 2022? We encourage you to challenge yourself. Is your current system for managing fleet card payments ready for your “next big thing”? 

OpenWay, the top-ranked digital payment software vendor, has prepared a simple checklist for CEOs and CIOs to help them assess how future-fit their current payment systems are.


This checklist was designed by Walter Van Huyck, an expert in fleet card systems who has led the development and marketing of international fleet card systems for major fuel retailers, such as Lukoil and ConocoPhillips. Now Walter works as Fleet Solution Consultant at OpenWay, a software provider of fleet card issuing and acceptance solutions.


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