WAY4 Merchant

Top-ranked POS, e-commerce, mobile and omni-channel merchant acquiring system.

All-one-one. Revenue-driven. Dynamic. Beyond cards.

New Revenue Streams in Acquiring? Possible!

WAY4 Merchant is a solution by OpenWay for building, transformation and optimization of the merchant acquiring business. It is designed to help acquirers: 

  • Stay profitable running this capital intensive business

  • Grow in customer base while the traditional payment processing has evolved into commodity and the competition from new entrants has increased tenfold

  • Drive revenues while the whole industry has been recently disrupted by mobile commerce and new payment acceptance technologies

Acquirers Rely on WAY4 Merchant

  • 14% acquiring transactions in Europe are run on WAY4

  • Proven tier-1 portfolios' migration strategy

  • Greenfield projects in 3 months

  • 650,000 POS terminals and 15,500,000 transactions per day – on a single WAY4 installation

Diversify Your Customer Portfolio

With WAY4 Merchant you can get new revenue streams and manage your risks by serving different types of customers: low and high margin; low / high risk; big retailers and SMEs; local stores and international chains. On top of that, the WAY4 merchant acquiring system allows you to create targeted services for non-classical merchants such as marketplaces, PSPs, digital wallets and transport companies. It also supports a PISP business model introduced by the PSD2 initiative in Europe.

Measure Your Profitability

Flexibility with pricing. The built-in flexiblility of the WAY4 merchant acquiring platform allows your to be agile in your pricing. You can define fees and settlement cycles for different merchant differently: simplified fixed pricing for SMEs, dynamic pricing for retailers based onturnover and card types, or more personalized even-based pricing. You can segment your merchants by size and business categories, apply layered fees by merchant hierarchy – it's your game, your rules.       

Profitability of merchant accounts. WAY4 Merchant helps you set, correct and achieve your revenue goals by giving you tools to measure profitability of every individual merchant account. With our fee prediction and business intelligence solutions you can forecast revenue by merchant and thus strengthen your merchant portfolio.   

Products: Differentiate and Innovate  

Processing + The WAY4 Merchant acquiring system allows you to stand up the competition from new players by enriching your offering not only with complete suite of payment acceptance choices but also with tools which help merchant to grow and increase efficiency of their business. Digital wallets, loyalty, bonus clubs, tokenization on WAY4 will add value to your acquiring proposition.     

Be one-stop shop for a merchant. A wide range of payment and non-payment services can be run on WAY4, and the rich API library allows acquirers to connect with the specialised service providers that enhance the operation and customer experience such as digital identity and CRMs – e.g. for fast customer on-boarding or seamless secure payments. This makes you an ideal payment partner for a merchant who prefers one relationship for all payment related needs across all channels and geographies.

Go beyond cards. On WAY4, acquirers can expand the choice of payment options required by merchants - cards, accounts, direct debits, alternative payment methods (e.g. Alipay, iDeal).  

Ensure Efficient & Streamlined Operations

Merchant management A-Z. WAY4 Merchant supports complete merchant lifecycle operations: from online customer and product on-boarding, account opening, fees, commissions, events and counters through payments and transfers, fraud prevention and dispute assistance to merchant payments, accounting, clearing and settlement, analytics and reporting. 

Digital operations. Web-based WAY4 Merchant Service Workbench is a single point of access to all available information about a merchant – payments, terminals, transactions, contracts. It means that your staff can manage merchant accounts remotely and on their mobile devices. On the merchant side, WAY4 provides a user-friendly merchant portal and merchant mobile app. 

WAY4 Merchant at a Glance


  • PA-DSS

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • Diners Club

  • UnionPay

  • American Express

  • JCB

  • Alipay

New Customer Segments

  • SME

  • Transport

  • Fleet

  • Marketplaces

  • PSPs, payment facilitators

  • PISP

For processors

  • Multi-institution management

  • White-label acquiring, gateway and wallet


  • Digital and online

  • Merchant Service Workbench

  • Online integration with popular CRMs (SalesForce, etc.)

merchant Relationship

  • Personalized pricing

  • User-friendly merchant portal

  • Flexible setup of payments schedule

  • Reporting & statements

Cards & Beyond

  • Magnetic

  • Chip EMV

  • Contactless

  • Biometrics

  • Alternative payment methods

Global and Local

  • Multiple currencies

  • Multiple countries, time zones

  • Multiple languages

  • Closed-loop


  • Mobile

  • POS /mPOS

  • Smart POS

  • E-commerce

  • Kiosk

  • Host-to-host

  • Agents

Merchant: A to Z

  • Retail payments

  • P2M & M2M transfers

  • Fraud prevention & disputes

  • Merchant payments

  • Accounting

  • Clearing & settlement

  • Analytics & reporting

Value-added services

  • Tokenization

  • Loyalty & bonus clubs

  • Contactless NFC (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay)

  • QR: mVisa, Alipay

  • Digital wallet

  • Masterpass, Visa Checkout

  • Dynamic currency pricing (DCC)

  • Multi-currency pricing (MCP)

  • Recurring / account updater

  • Instalments & sales finance

  • Level-3 data

  • Merchant loans

  • Prepaid cards


  • Product behaviour

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Merchant hierarchies

  • Processing rules


  • Business intelligence

  • Fee prediction

  • Interchange+


  • On-premise

  • Cloud