Carlos Miguel Brito

Business Analyst

My career in IT and Financial Services goes back to 1986. I started in the top domestic bank - Banco Português do Atlântico, then moved to Barclays Bank in 1993. I was involved in projects related to all areas of the banking business, including card issuing for both domestic and international payment schemes - Multibanco, Visa, MasterCard. In the first bank I also developed a solution to clear AMEX both with merchants and American Express.

In 2001 I joined Unicre as the team leader of MasterCard development team focusing on issuing and acquiring solutions. Two years later my role changed to the Business Analyst of IT department. Among the top projects I'm leading today - WAY4 implementation for retail acquiring (Merchant Management System), cross-border acquiring, issuing and acquiring of Visa and MasterCard, acquiring of Diners, JCB and UPI. 

What you see as key trends in your business

The worldwide increase in using the card-not-present payment solutions (e-commerce, mobile and wallets) will demand some sort of "standardization" between card schemes - similar of what have happenned with chip card payments under EMV. Something similar will have to be made.

Speaking of Europe, I see numerous trends in place:

• Concentration – current acquiring businesses being bought by large acquirers/processors (e.g. Spanish banks are selling their acquiring operations).

• Cross-Border - national/regional acquirers to expand to Pan-European acquirers, starting with their top Pan-European merchants as a base.

• Self-Acquiring – Pan-European and large merchants will look at SEPA evolutions “to be” (messages, files protocols, etc.) and create their own self-acquiring solutions. This will allow them to change their acquiring financial institution quickly and to negotiate with acquirers the best deal for transaction acquiring (MSC, processing costs, etc.). Acquirers will have to adapt to meet the same protocols in order to “stay in the race” for acquiring their transactions. 

• SEPA - changes of payment system landscape will tend to make standardize acquiring business and increase competition among acquirers in Europe.

• "Go domestic" - increasing adoption of domestic schemes, even replacement of current Visa and MasterCard cards by domestic brand cards as a defensive manoeuvre by domestic issuers to keep their revenue (interchange fees) since most of the cards issued in each country only process domestically. 

What inspires you in the payment industry

The challenge to put in place new payment solutions, new businesses.