Andreas Björk



As a COO at Enfuce Andreas is leading the product management, product development, customer onboarding and operations. With years of experience from the fintech world, Andreas has been part of combining organizational growth with successfully increasing both customer and employee satisfaction. At Enfuce he is ensuring that the organization meets up to today’s requirements on fast time-to-market with high quality.

What inspires you in the payment industry?

The payment industry has been a bit slow when it comes to adopting the latest trends. During past years this has started to change and there are new players entering the market in combination with bigger and more established banks that have seen a benefit in adopting the trends. Speed of change within the payment industry will only increase which makes it a very fascinating industry to work in. Today's solutions will not work tomorrow which means that you constantly need to adapt and learn to ensure you are part of the game.

What do you feel about the disruptions in the payment industry?

The disruption that has started is exactly what is needed in the payment industry. We need to break down old habits when it comes to tech, security and business. Being part of a company that showed the way for PCI-DSS compliant payment services in private cloud, it is natural to be part of the ongoing disruption. If you do not embrace the ongoing disruption you will have a very hard time being part of the future payment industry.