Alexey Suslov

Department Manager, Delivery


 Alexey joined OW in 2008. Manager of large-scale projects and programs. Head of delivery teams in St. Petersburg, Russia and Dubai, UAE. For the past years Alexey and his team have implemented hundreds of projects including several in-house WAY4 solutions for processing centers in Europe and CIS countries and performed more than ten installations of WAY4 Web & Mobile Banking. Alexey was a curator of OpenWay office in Ukraine starting its very first days. Now he’s working closely with Dubai office.

Connect with him: LinkedIn 

What inspires me in the payments industry?

I’m really inspired by banking innovations which appear almost every day all over the world and the role of OpenWay in this industry. Also I enjoy the fact that I can interact with my bank and make different payments only via mobile application and card. This is small piece of future in my pocket and we’re building it with my colleagues. Isn’t it great?