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BS/2 and OpenWay: Innovative Self-Service Payments at Wincor World 2010

BS/2, a company operating in the field of banking technologies, will be a golden partner at the exhibition Wincor World 2010, which will take place on 26-28 January 2010. The company will introduce its products to the banking sector and retailers: payment terminal software, outsourcing services, solutions for business processes automation and increased efficiency, e-payment solutions, etc. To demonstrate payment solutions in real time, BS/2 will present and use its own software IQxml on terminals connected to WAY4 processing platform from OpenWay Group, the international processing software vendor.

January 26-28, 2010 - Paderborn, Germany

The IQxml software from BS/2 connects self-service terminals to the bank service server and allows to remotely manage the payment operations on the self-service terminals. BS/2 will install two Wincor terminals at the exhibition. By means of IQxml those terminals will interact with the server located in the OpenWay Group lab. In this way the visitors will have an opportunity to examine in live environment and real time the functionality of IQxml solution and the opportunities it gives to banks and retailers. The payment demonstrations will be carried out in Euros, both for magnetic and smart cards.
‘It is not the first international exhibition where OpenWay Group assists BS/2 in live demonstration of our software. IQxml was granted a certificate of compatibility with WAY4, the payment processing platform from OpenWay Group’, comments Pavel Drobinov, the Head of the Project Management Department, BS/2. ‘We are proud to keep pace with fast development of WAY4. Our kiosk and ATM software is compatible with most recent customer-centric WAY4 solutions – those which allow banks, processing companies and telcos to consolidate customer data into single profile and further provide secure personalised payment services and launch address sales via interactive terminals on 24/7-online basis. Such terminals are already in use in several live projects’.
About IQxml: The purpose of the software solution iQxml, created by BS/2, is to connect self-service terminals to the bank service server. It extends the range of banking services and increases their availability to the end users, allows the integration of retail banking services to self-service terminals, and provides the information concerning credit cards, deposit accounts, payments, transfers, etc.
About OpenWay Group (www.openwaygroup.com): OpenWay Group is a payment processing software vendor (rated as strong positive by Gartner, 2009*). Its WAY4 Card Issuing and Merchant Acquiring, Loan Management, Customer Profile, Payment Switch/Hub, Behaviour Loyalty and other payment solutions successfully operate at more than 90 banks, processing and telecom companies in Europe, US, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
About BS/2 (www.bs2.lt): BS/2 is one of the companies of Penki Kontinentai Group and is well-known both in Lithuania and around the world as creator of software and technical solutions for financial institutions and retailers. BS/2 creates and sells specialized software, provides outsourcing services and consultations on the bank branch activity optimization, ties of bank branches, cash flow management, and compliance with PCI DSS and EMV standards. BS/2 is an official partner of Wincor Nixdorf in Lithuania and 14 other countries in Eastern Europe and the CIS. Having tremendous experience in the field of banking technologies, BS/2 provides its services and sells its products in sixty three countries around the world.

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