WAY4 Core Banking Interface

WAY4 Core Banking (RBS) host interface


The WAY4 Core Banking Interface module was designed for the flexible integration of WAY4 processing software with core bank systems (CBS). It provides banks with a unified set of operations that enable flexible data interchange between WAY4 and CBS. The module also supports stand-in functionality to ensure online 24x7 access to CBS.

Choice of Configurations

Online connection to CBS
Authorisation to CBS accounts through WAY4 (with support of Stand-In and SAF functionality)
Authorisation with mirroring of CBS accounts in WAY4 (for cases when CBS cannot support an online connection to a processing system)
Offline (batch) data interchange between WAY4 and CBS


Online check of account balances in CBS or WAY4
Flexible WAY4 authorisation scenarios
Security rules
Risk parameters
Ensures online 24x7 access to CBS if it cannot guarantee round-the-clock availability, or if CBS system supports only limited number of on-line transactions during maintenance procedures
Supports SAF (Store and Forward) functionality to ensure guaranteed advice messages delivery from WAY4 to CBS

Data Interchange

Exports data from WAY4 to CBS
GL entries
Payment orders (e.g. merchant reimbursements)
Operations (financial transactions log)
Imports data into WAY4 from CBS
Account balances
Payments (account replenishments)
Financial documents of various types
Non-financial documents (credit limits)
Account balances
FX rates


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